Can Sid save The Mill?

Can Sid solve the IT problems to ensure that The Mill passes the NHS inspection?

It’s the day of the inspection and all staff at The Mill are on edge, as Sid’s plan hasn’t worked and the IT system is still failing. The NHS inspectors arrives, so Mrs Tembe takes the lead, shows them around the practice and accompanies them to an impressive presentation about The Mill. The inspectors are impressed but they want to see the troublesome IT system. Daniel distracts them by discussing Jimmi’s new qualification as a counsellor and, in that time, Sid’s friend solves the IT problem!

The staff are relieved and show the inspectors who are impressed. However, Daniel and Zara explain that The Mill’s IT system needs updating and say the NHS needs to financially support The Mill in its quest for a new system. Will the inspectors say yes? And has The Mill passed the inspection?

Also, Valerie is sent to St Phil’s and is thrilled to bump into Ashley… until she sees his heavily pregnant wife, Helen!