Sergeants Stone and Smith investigate when stabbing victim Jake Quinn claims that Gerard Parry, the husband of a woman he’d been seeing, attacked him. Jake says that when he finished with Nicola, she bombarded him with calls until Gerard found out. But Nicola insists the ‘affair’ was just a one-night stand and claims that Jake was the one harassing her.

After Gerard admits to only punching Jake, forensic evidence suggests that Jake stabbed himself. Knowing he’s unstable, the officers worry when Jake checks himself out of St Hugh’s and is later spotted on CCTV leaving a cyber cafe with the Parrys’ daughter Sophie – and a gun – and the manager says that the pair are close friends.

Keen to find out more about Jake and Sophie’s ‘friendship’, Smithy and Inspector Gina Gold arrive at Sophie’s school, and Smithy is alarmed to see Jake’s car parked outside. Smithy hides outside Sophie’s classroom, where he can see an agitated Jake holding Sophie at gunpoint, blaming her for the mess he’s in.

As Smithy tries to disarm Jake, he’s knocked to the ground – and Gina can only looks on as a shot rings out…