Can Smithy find Carly’s attacker?

As Sergeant Smithy desperately tries to keep Carly Samuels alive after she’s shot, Pcs Sally Armstrong and Tony Stamp discover that the car used in the shooting has been set on fire. In the ambulance, Smithy begs Carly to stay awake but, at the hospital, Carly dies, leaving Smithy distraught.

Back at Sun Hill, a full-scale murder hunt is launched and a mobile police unit is set up on the Jasmine Allen estate. When Pc Beth Green suggests that Harry the dog could help with community liaison, Pc Nate Roberts laughs at the idea – but soon changes his mind when he sees how much attention Harry gets from the ladies.

After the officers are led a merry dance by nosy neighbour Maurice Thompson, Carly’s best friend Alisha Danniels runs terrified to Smithy, telling him that Carly’s boyfriend, Marlon Reed, has gone after her boyfriend, Tito Morientes. The officers rush to the scene where they find Marlon holding a gun to Tito’s head…

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