Can Sonya forgive Naomi to save Toadie’s business?

An overworked Toadie is trying to run his business single-handedly. But when a crucial document goes missing, with potentially disastrous results, Sonya comes up with an unexpected solution – one that she desperately hopes she won’t live to regret.

Imogen tells Josh that instead of settling for a manager’s position at Dingoes, he should be thinking of doing a course in business management. Meanwhile, relations between Josh and his dad deteriorate further, when Brad reveals to Terese that while Josh has his whole life ahead of him, Brad is starting to feel like his is over. So Terese decides to help Brad get his groove back.

Susan and Karl are expecting a houseguest – the nephew of an old friend of the family’s. Meanwhile, Chris bumps into a handsome stranger, but when he asks him out he’s turned down. The stranger later turns up at the Kennedys, revealing himself to be Nate Kinski. Susan and Karl take him out to lunch and an unusual reaction from him causes Susan to invite him to stay as long as he likes. Later, Nate approaches Chris, telling him it looks like he’s going to be sticking around after all, and Chris can’t believe his luck!