Things are tense between Sonya and Toadie so they each ask their best mate for advice at Brad’s barbecue. Sonya tells Mark that she thinks she’s too mumsy – but Mark dispels that. Meanwhile, Steph tells Toadie to stop talking and start doing! So Toadie proposes a solution to Sonya: they get physical every day for 30 days. She’s in and it proves to be just the spark they need.

Lauren suggests a barbecue so he can schmooze Sonya about a new venue for his youth program. As Brad starts inviting people, he realises Jack used to run a similar program up north, and earmarks him as a useful person to have around. When Brad hears that Off Air is shutting down, he leaps on it, and secures Sonya’s in principle go-ahead. Things are looking up for Blaze Outreach.

At Brad’s Barbeque, Jack tells Paige that he needs space to make a decision about their relationship. Reeling, Paige rages to Aaron, swearing that she’s going to turn on all her seductive powers to win Jack round.