Can Stacey save Max?

Tanya can hear banging from the coffin and in a panic she covers it in earth. Inside the coffin, a terrified Max fumbles for his mobile phone and calls home. Abi picks up the phone and excitedly babbles about her ice-skating trip. Before Max can get a word in, the signal cuts out… Tanya and Sean return to the Square but Tanya makes it clear that their relationship is over. Sean returns to the Slaters and when Stacey finds him pale and covered in mud she immediately guesses that he’s done something to Max, despite his denials. Stacey storms over to confront Tanya, but she fobs her off and insists that Max is asleep upstairs. Tanya wakes in the early hours. Horrified by what she’s done she drives to the woods and desperately digs out the coffin, praying that Max is still alive. Max struggles out of the coffin and launches himself at Tanya, trying to throttle her. Tanya tries to explain that he destroyed her, she was desperate and out of her mind and Max agrees to walk out of her life. The couple return home and Sean is stunned. Max collects his belongings, says his goodbyes and drives out of Walford. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action