Can Ste Hay quit drugs for his children?

Ste Hay vows to kick his habit in Hollyoaks, but will it be easier said than done?

Ste shows Amy and Ryan a flat he’s found for them in Hollyoaks, promising he’ll clean up his act for Leah and Lucas. Later, Warren finds Ste in The Bean and tries to stop him calling his dealer – he tells him it’s time to start fighting back!

The police and paramedics arrive following the car accident. Nancy’s confused about why she didn’t brake in time – her leg just froze. Nancy gives the gun back to Grace. At the hospital, James reluctantly tells Scott about him and John Paul sleeping together. Meanwhile, John Paul wakes up but there’s a problem… he can’t see!

Grace finds the portrait Trevor drew of Sienna and her murderous rage returns.

Also, it’s the day the teens get their A-Level results and while Holly and Zack excel, Cleo and Harry scrape through. Later, Zack tells Nathan and Simone that he was responsible for setting the pig free. Simone tries to apologise to Lisa for blaming her, but it seems mother and daughter can’t reach an understanding.