Ste is furious when he finds out Tony and Diane have arranged Katy’s funeral for today and not told Sinead. He goes to the hospital with Esther, George and Blessing and tells Sinead what’s happening. The doctors and Ste are all frantic when they realise Sinead is on the hospital roof. Ste goes to the roof and gently encourages Sinead to step away from the edge and collapses into his arms. Elsewhere, the Roscoes, Diane, Tony, Finn, Esther, George and Blessing all gather as the hearse pulls into the village. Diane spots Sinead, heartbroken and ready to say goodbye to her baby.

However, Diane tells Sinead that she’s not welcome at the church. Sinead chases after the hearse and is stopped by Sonny who hands her Katy’s post mortem results. They reveal that Katy really was ill – Sinead is innocent. Sonny explains that Katy had a heart condition called, Cardiomyopathy.

Also, Maxine moves into the boarding house and a giddy Dennis tells Dodger what’s happened and urges him to go to her. However, Patrick gets to her first and Dodger is heartbroken when he sees Maxine is back with his dad.