Can Steph forgive Toadie?

Sonya concludes she has no choice but to sell the nursery. Toadie comes up with the idea of job sharing with Ajay. But he wants Toadie to leave his job so they can open up a law firm together. Toadie is reluctant, he’s seen the consequences of failing in court – Steph’s life was ripped apart. Sonya confronts Steph and asks her to tell Toadie that she’s forgiven him, but instead, Steph turns on Toadie, letting him know she blames him for her prison sentence.

Both Lucas and Steph are relieved when Lucas receives the best possible prognosis – the cancer hasn’t spread – Lucas will make a full recovery. Relieved, Lucas goes to tell Vanessa, not realising she has discovered the engagement ring he’s kept hidden. Vanessa is devastated when she learns Lucas’s news although he stays quiet about Steph’s support.

Kyle catches Georgia coming home after a night of hard partying and convinces himself that she’s hooked up with Pete. He vows to forget Georgia and put his energy into his work.

Meanwhile, Georgia finally mends the breach with Chris, who tries to give her a gentle nudge in Kyle’s direction. But Georgia vows that she’s going to put her energy into work. Then Sonya discovers a party drug in Georgia’s bag. She’s busted!