French teacher Steph Haydock did her colleague Kim Campbell a huge favour when she took her adopted baby, Grace, away from the prying eyes of Home Office officials. But now Steph makes her return to Waterloo Road and faces a suspicious head teacher Rachel Mason.

The two women loathe each other and Rachel blames Steph for a pupil’s apparently disruptive behaviour. Steph’s return to work goes from bad to worse when, later that day, she finds the same pupil in a life-threatening situation. She has to think fast and make an important decision but will anything she does make Rachel have any more respect for her?

Elsewhere, Chlo Grainger’s decision to put her baby up for adoption so she can still go to university does not sit well with boyfriend Donte Charles, who wants to keep their baby. As Head of Pastoral Care, Kim tries to advise the young couple, but Chlo’s pretty sure of what she wants. She tries to make Donte feel better by assuring him that they will have a baby one day, just not now. Will that work?

And dinner lady Rose Kelly passes her mock A-level but Tom Clarkson delivers the news with a distinct lack of sensitivity… Will recovering alcoholic Rose turn to the bottle after she hears what Tom has to say?