Andrea and Michelle cajole Lloyd into taking Steve to a northern soul night, but the old friends are awkward and Steve makes his excuses. Back at the Rovers, Steve’s downbeat as he tells Michelle his friendship with Lloyd is beyond repair.

Sinead points out that Joseph should be with his dad but Chesney’s resolute. Desperate, Sinead insists on Kirk taking her home in the hope of changing Katy’s mind. But when Beth finds Sinead sprawled across the kitchen floor, she phones for an ambulance. Back in hospital, Sinead tells Chesney to dump her and focus on Joseph.

David’s pleased when Callum loses his temper at their first mediation session. But David’s unimpressed to find Gail getting on well with Callum’s Mum.

Having had a call from Tony to say she can move back into her flat, Leanne suggests to Kal he should move in with her. Owen tries to salvage his relationship with Anna and his girls. Sharif’s thrilled when Gail hands him a bowl of eggs she found under the hedge.