Can Steve convince Tracy that she is the woman for him?

Tracy is convinced that Steve has feelings for Michelle…does he?

Steve hands Michelle a cheque for £10k and Robert rails at her for accepting hand-outs from her ex but later thanks Steve for the money. Steve assures Tracy that he no longer has feelings for Michelle.

Having been thrown out by Phelan, Faye offers Seb a bed at No.4, on condition he changes his statement about Anna. Seb’s furious and tells Faye he won’t be blackmailed. Returning to Phelan, Seb tells him he made a terrible mistake and won’t let him down again. After plying seb with whisky, Phelan let’s him handle his gun and, satisfied that Seb’s fingerprints are all over it, Phelan puts it away.

Luke is formally charged in court but back at home his gaze falls on the little wire house Sophie found.

Tyrone begs Sinead to give Chesney another chance. Toyah’s uneasy to realise how well Peter and Carla get on. The police visit Eileen to ask Eileen about Todd disappearing with Summer and Eileen realises Geraldine’s called them in.