Steve is horrified when he wakes up at Becky‘s and is confronted by an unimpressed Roy. Steve escapes to Lloyd’s in an attempt to cover his tracks and begs Lloyd to give him an alibi. Steve eventually sneaks back to the Rovers with a bunch of flowers for Michelle, who is instantly suspicious.

Becky panics when Michelle comes into the cafe and she fusses over her order, but Michelle seems none the wiser. Roy takes Becky aside and makes it clear that he’s appalled by her behaviour. Becky calls at the cab office to return Steve’s watch that he left at the flat and she tells Lloyd that her relationship with Jason is going nowhere. Meanwhile, Jason tells Bill that he’s going to finish with Becky.

Carla is on edge after discovering that Liam is due home the next day and she gets in a flap when her computer crashes. Rosie hands over her ringing mobile at the same moment and she loses it and clears her desk with a sweep of her hand. A shocked Rosie tries to calm her down.

Also, Lloyd suggests playing a more active role in Finlay’s life, but Teresa warns him off and says the CSA will get involved.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Steve makes a big show of apologising to Michelle for being out all night but she’s not interested and tells him that he needs to get Dan to change his mind about the assault charge before he does anything else. Steve is riddled with guilt for cheating on Michelle, but he gives in and talks to Harry about the chances of Dan dropping the charges. Steve is heartened when Harry clearly takes his side.

Becky and Jason are on the hunt for each other and when they finally meet up Jason is stunned when Becky dumps him! Becky tells Jason him that she does everything full on and if he can’t cope with that it’s over. Lloyd watches them with interest and tells a stunned Steve that Becky must have dumped Jason because she slept with him!

Tina is worried about David and her dad meeting for the first time and she tries to tell David how to act around him. David isn’t too impressed with being told what to do, but eventually agrees to play it her way and Tina introduces them.

Also, Liam’s IT cousin Tom Kerrigan helps Carla with her computer problems and wheelchair-bound Tony is less than impressed with how well they get on.