As Tracy heads to the abortion clinic, Deirdre is desperate to stop her. Feeling powerless she turns to Steve urging him to see that while Amy wasn’t planned she’s the best thing in his life. He was desperate for another child and now he’s making Tracy get rid of one. As Steve falters Becky waits at the mediation meeting, heartened by how amicable her relationship with Steve has become. But as time ticks on it looks like Steve isn’t going to show. He’s at the abortion clinic and manages to stop Tracy from going ahead!

As Frank’s solicitor arrives with the mortgage forms an anxious Carla comments that it feels very fast. Frank counters that time is of the essence; they’ll be married this time next week.

As Sean and Marcus make up Sean promises to attend another adoption meeting tomorrow. Marcus is enthused, but Sean admits to Eileen that he’s not sure adoption is what he wants. Eileen urges him to come clean, but Sean is scared of losing Marcus.

Also, Tina‘s thrilled when she passes her driving test and Rita offers her the use of her car; as Tyrone plans his date with Kirsty, Tina urges Tommy to come clean about the bribe.