Can Summer forgive Andrew’s betrayal?

Summer is shocked by Andrew’s betrayal and returns home. Andrew tries to explain and pleads with her to focus on the positives of their relationship but, though she tries to put Andrew kissing Belinda behind her, she can’t. As much as it pains her, she insists it’s over.

Determined to prove Ajay’s decision to merge Erinsborough’s police station was a mistake, Paul steers a bunch of rough types from Charlie’s to Tash’s party, hoping it will get out of hand. Then Paul rouses the other residents of Ramsay Street to take action, volunteering to call the police but only pretending to do so, and he’s delighted when the party spirals out of control. However, Paul suddenly realises Sophie is at the party and worries his plan to bring Ajay down may come at a cost.

Tash is determined to prove she can have a good time without her dad but, as the party gets more and more out of control, she starts to realise she’s out of her depth…