Can Sun Hill bring Vikki’s killer to justice?

Speeding after a joy rider in their patrol car, Pcs Millie Brown and Nate Roberts follow the thief into a dead end. The suspect flees, and when the officers check the car they are horrified to find the body of Vikki Miller in the boot. At the scene, Eddie tells DI Samantha Nixon and DC Jacob Banks that it looks like Vikki was sexually assaulted.

Throwing herself into the case, Samantha soon discovers that a man accused of a previous rape, Tom Norris, was seen arguing with Vikki the night before. Samantha and Banksy question Tom, who admits he’d been seeing Vikki and that they’d had consensual sex the night before.

Elsewhere, Falcon Thomas admits to stealing the car but swears she had no idea there was a body in the boot. When she tells Millie that she saw a man fitting Tom’s description lock the car before she stole it, Samantha questions him again and provokes a violent reaction.

Samantha charges Tom with the rape and murder of Vikki plus the rape of the previous victim – but has she got the right man?