Can Sun Hill find Mandy’s attacker?

Mandy Glover tells Pc Sally Armstrong and Sergeant Stone that she was attacked in a park on her way home from the bar where she works, but didn’t see her attacker. When trainee DC Kezia Walker spots the name Kevin Mallory, a man she arrested for rape when she was a Pc, on a sex offenders’ list, she’s certain he’s their man – but there’s no evidence to link him to Mandy’s attack.

When Sally finds a terrified Mandy tied up at home with a plastic bag over her head, the officers arrange for Sally to work undercover in the bar with Mandy in a bid to catch the attacker. After work, Mandy walks through the park when the attacker strikes again. The officers chase a shadowy figure through the trees and discover it’s Mandy’s counsellor, Michael Cantor.

Michael admits to being in the park but insists he didn’t attack Mandy. Eventually, the real attacker’s identity is revealed – but it may be too late for Kezia who’s alone with him…