Can Sun Hill trace the online predator?

Pcs Emma Keane and Roger Valentine find 13-year-old Jenny Waterson bleeding from an attempted suicide and there’s evidence that she’s been sexually assaulted. When officers examine Jenny’s room and find a webcam and laptop, they suspect she’s been ‘groomed’ on the internet.

DC Grace Dasari takes the laptop to the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) HQ and meets Supt. Tom Faraday and computer whizz-kid, DI Phil Ashley. Elsewhere, DC Terry Perkins visits known sex offender Peter Williams, who claims he’s a reformed character and has an alibi for the time of Jenny’s attack.

Jenny tells Terry and Emma that she made friends online with a man called ‘Craig’ and met him in a park, before going to his house, where she was drugged and raped. Phil learns that Craig’s real name is Carl Newton and the officers are horrified when Jenny’s best friend, Shareen Taylor, is seen on CCTV meeting Carl in the same park.

As officers hunt for Shareen, events take another chilling turn when Phil manages to access a paedophile network – and learns that there will be a live show the following night involving an eight-year-old boy…

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