Daniel tries to dissuade Rain from setting up the New Eden Project but by the end of the meeting, he is actively encouraging her to settle in. Paul’s alarmed at Daniel’s swift change, but Daniel assures Paul his feelings for Rain are in the past. When Amber finds out about Daniel’s turnaround, the pair have an honest conversation and Amber feels better but a sense of unease hangs over them.

Toadie discovers more hate mail – addressed to him but about Sonya. Brennan and Toadie approach an old GA Governor but he refuses to discuss anything because of GA’s anonymity. Brennan is shocked to receive some of his own hate mail, again directed at Sonya.

Karl is in a jovial mood, explaining to a tired Susan that his winnings have come through. But despite making grand plans Susan thinks he’s too tight to spend the money. Susan confesses to a concerned Sonya that counselling Nate has been causing her sleep issues.