Can Susan ever forgive Karl?

Susan struggles to forgive Karl after he unintentionally causes her to miss Jim’s final moments. By isolating herself, Karl finds it even harder to comfort her. During a heart-to-heart with Susan, Malcolm discovers there’s more to the situation than they both initially thought. He encourages Susan to reach out to Karl, and although she apologises to him, she goes alone to arrange Jim’s funeral.

Toadie’s work is causing an overload of stress and he’s finding it hard to dedicate any time to Callum and Sonya. But with a flop of a first day, he has to go the extra mile to make up for it. Willing to show a different side to his boss, he tries to arrange a future lunch. But his boss has plans of his own, and invites himself over to their house – that very afternoon. Having to fess up to Sonya about his uncertain future with the law firm, Sonya feels the pressure to impress.

Rhys can’t stop thinking about Jim’s final moments and uses the gym as a means of distraction. Wanting to boost his morale, he agrees to challenge Kyle’s new circuit record, but narrowly misses. Having to abide by Kyle’s rule of loser’s shout, Rhys buys him a drink and briefly lets his guard down.