Susan tells Paul he needs to do something to sort the mess out with PirateNet and help get it back on air. He agrees to let Susan talk to AJ Kapoor from the council so she can let him see how many people have been affected by PirateNet’s closure.

Over a coffee, Susan explains that Summer regrets what she did and, being a reasonable man, AJ assures her he will do what he can. However, Susan’s best efforts are wasted when AJ sees Paul’s headline making the council look bad over the closure of PirateNet and tells her he can no longer help her.

Tash is livid with her dad for lying about how her mum died and despite his efforts, Tash won’t listen to his explanation, accusing him of lying. She tells Emelia to tell her the truth and finally, Emelia explains that Tash’s mum was at the beach when she got into trouble in the sea and Michael tried to save her.

Tash is shocked when she hears this and Emelia encourages her to forgive her dad, so he can forgive himself. Later, waking from a nightmare where she’s underwater, Tash realises that she was in the water with her mum, the day she drowned, and that her mum died trying to get her out.