Can Tanya ever really trust Max?

Lauren finds out that the earring she found in Max’s car is Whitney’s, as Whitney left it there after joyriding the car with Ryan. Lauren hurries back home before an upset Tanya can confront Max and pretends the earring was a surprise present to her from Peter. Tanya feels bad that she assumed the worst of Max, especially when he hands her a beautiful gift for their anniversary.

Libby tells Denise that if she doesn’t want her to see Owen then she will respect her wishes. Liz visits Owen and tells him that she’s going back to Spain and asks him to leave Libby and Denise alone. Owen angrily insists that his Liz cancel her plans and stay in the country as he needs her help him win round Libby and Denise.

Ronnie makes a swift exit after seeing Joel but she wonders why he’s with Janine. Ronnie confronts Joel and is puzzled when he accuses her of being in cahoots with Janine to set him up. Archie finds out that Janine invited Joel to the Square and threatens her to stay out of his business.

Also, Trina tells Lucas that she’ll give him a divorce; Garry and Dawn decide to leave the Square.

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