Tanya forces Max to talk about her confession that she made an excuse to avoid sleeping with him, insisting that it’s about her, not about him. Max softens and promises to bring the romance back into their lives, as he can’t live without her. Tanya is delighted when Max decks the Square gardens with fairy lights and puts on some Frank Sinatra for a romantic slow dance.

Derek enjoys winding Shirley up when she wakes in Jack’s flat, but eventually admits they didn’t sleep together. Scheming, Derek suggests Phil doesn’t deserve her, but she should still see Jay and Ben. Shirley’s gutted when Jay and Ben say they can’t spend time with her. When Derek hints to Phil he slept with Shirley, Phil punches him. A heartbroken Phil tells Shirley he can’t live without her, but she says it’s too late…

Dot worries about Fat Boy when she sees him stumbling home in the morning after a big night out, having just insulted a burger bar worker in McKlunkey’s. Dot forces Fat Boy to sort himself out. Ashamed, he lands himself a job from the job centre. After Fat Boy proudly tells Dot his news he’s left a little shaken – his new boss is Nico, Mr Papadopoulos’s nephew, the man he insulted in McKlunkey’s!