Tanya packs the rest of Max’s belongings, not knowing that Max is determined to move back in. When Cora leaves for her afternoon shift at the launderette, Max persuades Tanya to meet him at Jack’s to talk. Cora is furious with Tanya for giving in. When Max heads to the house to pick up Tanya he’s left reeling to learn that Tanya has taken Oscar and left Walford!

Zainab thinks she’s got the manager’s job when Denise is turned down. Zainab makes a purchase to celebrate. When Masood finds out that Zainab has ordered a fancy water feature he points out they can’t afford it. Masood relents when Zainab insists that the new job and a pay rise will be a fresh start. But Zainab’s devastated to learn she didn’t get the job, not knowing how to tell Masood.

Lola is upset as she heads over to see Lexi before she goes to Cornwall on holiday, telling Billy this is the last time Phil or the social worker will push her around. Billy persuades Phil to let Lola have an hour alone with Lexi. As Phil prepares to leave, he thanks Sharon for her support. She’s glad Phil isn’t bitter that she chose Jack over him.