New F1 Tara (Jing Lisu) ruffles feathers with her overly keen attitude. But when she takes on too much and nearly kills a patient, she starts to doubt whether she should be a doctor at all. Oliver eventually takes pity on her and gives her some encouragement to stay in the job.

Meanwhile, Eddie learns there’s more to Luc than meets the eye when his friend, Roy, turns up on the ward claiming to be in pain. Luc’s reluctant to treat him knowing Eddie wants Roy to dish the dirt on his private life. But when Roy’s life hangs in the balance, Eddie sees a more vulnerable side to Luc.

Elsewhere, Chantelle upsets Lleucu when she books a holiday to Ibiza with the girls instead of laying down a deposit on her flat that she’s sharing with her colleague. Lleucu gives Chantelle an impossible deadline, which causes a huge rift between the two friends.