When Michael’s discharged from hospital, Tash suggests asking Emilia to help out around the house. But when Michael rejects the idea, Tash takes on the challenge of caring for Michael herself. Struggling to balance study with caring for her dad, will Tash go against Michael’s wishes and call in Emilia?

Now knowing about Mal’s affair with Jade, Karl is forced to watch Mal lie to Catherine and Susan to cover his tracks. Karl confronts Mal, urging him to end it. But when Mal struggles to cool things off with Jade, Karl speaks from experience to make a heartfelt appeal. Despite not wanting Karl’s opinion, and telling him he’s not exactly in any position to lecture him, Mal calls things off with Jade. But it’s not long before the temptation gets too much.

Dane’s guilt grows as Rhys continues to blame Jade for his failure to make the surgery program. And as Jade continues to cop flak from Rhys, Dane knows he has to do the right thing and tells Rhys the truth. But when Rhys finds out Dane gave him double measures in a bid to get him back for chatting up the girl he liked, Rhys is not impressed, telling Dane he’s irresponsible.