Can Tash get Summer and Andrew back together?

At Harold’s, Lisa spots Chris and Tash and tells Tash not to gatecrash her party because she is not invited. When Tash tells Chris she’d like to put laxatives in Lisa’s punch, he tells her to stick to their initial plan; get Summer and Andrew there and get them back together. Knowing he is right, Tash heads over to Summer’s to do her hair and make up, but Summer is adamant she’s not going. However, she changes her mind when Tash pretends Chris needs her there as Tash is still grounded.

Summer and Andrew have been persuaded into attending Lisa’s party, and Chris is pleased when Andrew asks to have a private word with Summer. However, things don’t go to plan when they end up fighting again. Summer tells Andrew they’re done, but can’t hide her hurt when she sees him kissing Lisa.

Feeling like she hasn’t achieved anything, and her conversation with Paul about becoming principal going round in her head, Libby is very quiet while having lunch with her folks. When Toadie arrives, telling them that he’s just won a huge case, Libby struggles to congratulate him. Libby confides how she feels to Susan and when Michael comes over to apologise for how he behaved over Paul, Libby finds Paul and tells him she’s not going to stab Michael in the back.

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