Can Terese forgive Lauren and Brad?

Amber gives birth to a girl and she Josh connect over their baby. Amber thinks she should give Josh another chance but agrees to wait when Paige urges her to think on her feelings before acting. Lauren and Terese bond over their new granddaughter. Despite her hurt, Terese wants to let bygones be bygones – there’s a baby in their lives now, and they need to keep the peace. She’s willing to keep Brad’s actions to herself, if Lauren is.

When Daniel discovers Off Air’s been shut down by the Sheriff’s Office, he explains to Nate that he got behind on the lease repayments for the bar equipment. Nate tells Karl who tells Daniel he’s taking over the bar, and Daniel can work under him. But Daniel shouts that Karl can have the bar, because he quits!

Guilty for leaving Toadie behind in the fire, Sheila invites Amy and Jimmy to move into Number 26. Amy and Kyle are uneasy with the idea but, when Jimmy gets wind of it, his excitement forces Amy to agree.