Shockwaves are sent through Sun Hill as Pcs Sally Armstrong and Tony Stamp are held at gun point by Michael and Damo, who want their girlfriends, Tiff and Paula, to be released from the cells. Sergeant Nikki Wright opens the cell doors but while Paula is horrified, an ill-looking Tiff can barely react.

The gunmen move everyone, including murderer Jimmy Duncan, into another room, and as Tiff writhes in pain, Paula reveals they swallowed drugs to get through customs. As Nikki persuades Michael to let Tiff see a doctor, a desperate Jimmy grabs a gun from one of their accomplices and holds Nikki hostage.

Back in the cells, DC Terry Perkins wakes up and leads Jimmy to believe that he’s a fellow prisoner. Having planned his getaway with Terry’s help, Jimmy orders everyone to lie down before setting fire to some blankets to help him escape. Untrusting, Jimmy hits Terry over the head with the gun, knocking him out.

With an armed murderer on the loose, the station billowing in smoke and their only hope unconscious, will anyone make it out of Sun Hill alive?