Dodger can’t take the heart-ache anymore and phones Texas to tell her not to marry Will, not knowing it’s actually a furious Will at the other end of the line. At the wedding venue, Will is the happiest man in the world as his beautiful bride walks towards him – nothing can spoil this day. Just before saying ‘I do’ Texas steals a look at Dodger, who shares a painful gaze with his ex, which Theresa sees. Texas is shocked to see Mercedes there. Mercy reveals the truth about Will’s aneurysm and the money, leaving Texas shocked.

Elsewhere, Leanne receives a text from Texas calling her a bitch. Theresa is burning with hatred for Texas and goes to find Dodger and finds him going into Texas’ hotel room. As her guests gather outside the hotel, Texas can be seen upstairs arguing with someone.

Everyone screams as the glass above them shatters and Texas flies out of the window on to the ground below, her wedding dress now covered in blood. Upstairs, the sound of footsteps is heard as her killer makes a hasty get-away. Everyone stands looking at the lifeless body.

Also, at the wedding, Nancy is increasingly tetchy but is caught red-handed by Sienna when she takes some pills. Sienna threatens to tell Darren and watches menacingly as Nancy and Darren head home.