It is the morning of Challenge Max but Ayesha and Niamh arrive to discover that it’s not merely a fun-run, but a tough, cross-country test. They all bicker as Hayden, also participating, winds them up. As they reach the end, Emma struggles, but Niamh and Ayesha help her over the final hill and towards the finish line. Hayden comes over to share their celebration, but Niamh doesn’t approve and shoves his head in the mud.

Al becomes concerned when a dementia patient seems to be being abused by his carer but he uncovers the misunderstanding that Karen made from a phone call. The carer, Claire, is Charlie’s daughter as well as his nurse, and they don’t have a good relationship.

Claire is contemplating lacing Charlie’s food with drugs enough to kill him but when a glimpse of memory comes through she cannot bring herself to do it. Al digs deeper, and it transpires that Claire was psychologically abused by Charlie after her mother died…