We go back to Thursday night and Lewis storming into the classroom holding a gun. Karen, Jack, Ned, Ellie and Sia are shocked to see him, and as Ellie makes for the door, Lewis fires. Sia leaps in front of Ellie and gets hit by the bullet.

Brian catches up with Rob and Simon in the hallway outside the classroom where Rob is calling out for Lewis. Lewis comes out of the classroom, and forces Rob and Brian back round the corner at gunpoint, but allows Simon into the room to look at Sia.

Lewis turns on the TV. He reveals he’s sent footage to the police – like Columbine – and is expecting to see it splashed all across the news channels, but Simon explains there’s no way the police will release the footage. Meanwhile, Gerry arrives.

Rob ignores direct orders and rushes into the classroom, disarming Lewis. Lewis steps to the window, and pretends to pull another gun from his coat and is shot by police marksmen!

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