Can the Lovedays convince Lisa to come home?

Wayne takes the Lovedays to a drop-in centre but when Lisa spots them she makes a run for it with Zack in hot pursuit. They all catch up with Lisa and Simone begs her daughter to come home. They return to the village without Lisa, but are delighted when she later turns up at their front door. The reunited family goes for lunch at The Dog, but Lisa sneaks out to see Wayne. It’s soon revealed they’re working together to get the reward money.

Meanwhile, Diane and Tony tell Leela they’ve applied for custody of Rose. Meanwhile, Tegan confesses, but pleads with DS Thorpe to let her see Rose one last time. Diane and Tony are hopeful when the social worker knocks on their door, only to be disappointed when another social worker hands Rose to Leela and Ziggy. Leela is furious when Thorpe reveals Tegan had bought ferry tickets for her, Ziggy and Rose. She hands Rose to Diane and washes her hands of Tegan.

Robbie offers to babysit Charlie and Oscar so Nancy can go to a job interview. He thinks it’ll be a piece of cake until Charlie locks him out of the house. When Nancy returns, she finds Robbie playing happily with the boys and is none the wiser.

Also, Cindy is spending excessively again and buys an expensive wedding dress.