Can the Masoods hold it together?

Zainab talks to the family about why she took revenge on Yusef. Zainab tells Afia that she isn’t looking for forgiveness, she just doesn’t want Afia to take it out on Tamwar. Christian arrives with news that their waiter Ali is having a breakdown in the restaurant. Syed asks Christian to look after Zainab while they sort things out.

In Argee Bhajee, waiter Ali is pushed to the limit running things alone, especially when Kim won’t stop flirting. Ali holds the customers hostage until he gets an apology from Kim! As the Masoods head to the restaurant to restore order, Christian is left comforting a sobbing Zainab. Unexpectedly, Zainab finally accepts Christian into the family. After the restaurant is restored to order, the Masoods regroup and agree to a fresh start. Kim and Denise return home to find an envelope from Zainab with a cheque for all her inheritance money, 100,000 pounds….

Meanwhile, Amira feels disgusted with herself after sleeping with Anthony just to prove a point to Syed. Amira tells Syed she’s faced the reality that he’ll never love her. She asks Syed to look after Yasmin while she has some time out. A sobbing Amira gets into a taxi and leaves Albert Square.