Can the McQueens fool Trevor?

The McQueens’ risky plan is well and true underway as they invite Trevor round to see that Jacqui is truly dead. But he’s not fooled by the coffin in the living room and punches John Paul. However, when Trevor opens the coffin and a dead body topples out, dressed in Jacqui’s clothes, he’s convinced and leaves the McQueens alone.

Dr. Browning fails to tell Mercedes about his disaster of an interview yesterday and that he’s been suspended. He’s still stewing over who’s behind the pranks, more certain than ever that Myra’s the culprit.

The whole family is swept up in the excitement of Lindsey’s revelation, apart from an anxious Joe. He confides in Jack, who unintentionally plants the idea of an insurance scam in the young mechanic’s head.

Diane is under the assumption that Tony and Cindy are back together and Tony doesn’t correct her when she confronts him – this is easier than telling her about his cancer.