Can The McQueens save their home?

The McQueens return to their boarded up house and Nana handcuffs herself to a drainpipe. Phoebe, John Paul and Mercedes are also attached to the house with bicycle locks and Carmel turns up with Save Our Home!! T-shirts. Sonny asks Carmel if she wants to buy a house with him – his dad’s lending them money for a deposit. Mercedes says she’ll disown her if she gives up on them. Sonny can see Carmel doesn’t really want to leave her family and puts an offer on the McQueens’ home.

Sienna begs Tom not to testify against her in court. Darren finds out and goes to the boat, he grabs Sienna out of bed and tells her that he’ll make sure she’s locked up for a long time. Sienna threatens to plan her very worst while she’s in prison, unless he persuades Tom not to testify.

Blessing isn’t happy with Dennis when he plans a fundraiser to get enough money for her operation. At The Dog, Frankie is dressed as a Mexican man for ‘Blessing’s Summer Soiree’, while Blessing is dressed as a Sexy Spanish Senorita.

Frankie’s jealousy bubbles over and she insults Blessing, who lunges at the landlady. Their fight spills out into the pub, where Frankie accidentally rips off Blessing’s skirt, revealing her underwear.