Can Theresa save the McQueens?

Theresa’s unsure whether she should go through with an unsavoury task set by Myra to save her family from prison. Ethan asks his girlfriend why she didn’t tell him that Theresa was Angel’s mum, and when she can’t give him the answers he wants he visits Theresa. He starts questioning her and she realizes Myra’s plan is the only way to save her family, so she kisses him.

Jason nervously prepares for school and tries to face up to the bullies. Seth is determined to stick his sister but doesn’t make it any easier when he picks a fight with Bart. During a lesson conducted by Rob into gender and sexuality Seth accuses Bart of being gay. Later, Bart punches him in front of Anita and an exasperated Jason.

Anita tells Rob that Eva has Amber’s diary when he threatens to sack her mum for the letter about Jason. Rob’s terrified and when Sinead sees her father panicking she promises to get the diary back.

Also; Tex and Melody’s relationship remains turbulent when Tex can’t cope with her mum’s sudden changes in mood. And Lee makes things more difficult with his constant interruptions about a music contact.

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