Thomas is surprised when Mrs Tembe arrives at his house and she’s shocked when he explains he wants a divorce because he’s getting married to a man. Mrs Tembe apologises for her past treatment of Thomas but wants him to know how much he hurt her. She details her pain at never becoming a mother and how she feels he robbed her of the life she should have had.

Thomas admits he felt so rejected by her, the community and God that he tried to take his own life. Mrs Tembe feels truly sorry and shameful for what she did to Thomas and asks his forgivenness. As they reminisce about their shared past, they manage to rekindle some of the love and friendship they used to share. They part on good terms and Thomas wishes her well with Gordon.

Meanwhile, Emma confronts Dave when she finds out he’s seeing O’Neil – he accuses her of being jealous and laughs that Emma missed her chance. Later, Rob and Emma witness some risque banter between Dave and O’Neil, who makes some comments she will live to regret…

Also, Mandy encourages her recently bereaved aunt to track down her first love.