Tina’s had a hellish day after quitting her job and decides to visit Joe’s grave. Gail’s there and after sharing some good memories they head back to Gail’s flat to share a bottle of wine. Later, David arrives home and offers to walk Tina back; she invites him in and they chat about how good things used to be between them. Tina’s stunned when David misreads the signals and moves in for a kiss. She tries to push him away, but he pins her down.

Nick and Carla both suffer devastating blows at Underworld when another one of Trev’s mistakes results in him punching Nick. Nick tells Carla that things aren’t working out and he wants to dissolve their partnership.

Sally’s determined to get the girls back on track with their schooling and Sophie and Sian accompany her to the headmaster’s office. They’re shocked when he says that they have missed too much and won’t be able to return. Sally’s furious and is convinced that this has more to do with the headmaster’s prejudice then any missed lessons.

Also, Norris is still convinced that Tina and Graeme are behind his identity theft.

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