Can Tina give up her baby?

When Jake starts bringing his milk back up he’s diagnosed with a bowel infection. Panicking Izzy calls Tina with the news. It hits her like a ton of bricks and Tina rushes to the hospital where they hear Jake’s deteriorated further and needs surgery, there’s only a 50 per cent chance of survival. Tina’s horrified and Tommy worries as she’s drawn back into the baby’s life.

Despite Karl’s warning, a determined Dev’s undeterred as he doorsteps Paul, asking questions about the fire. Paul and Eileen are upset by the reminder of Toni’s death. Witnessing this Karl begs Dev to stop, claiming his digging is upsetting Stella too.

Rob’s aware his money won’t last long and tells Tracy he needs a job fast. Rob starts ringing round for work. But when Carla’s called upon for a reference she decides to stick the knife into Rob.

Also, when Sean lets slip to Maria about Ben’s wedding reception she asks Marcus about why he didn’t mention the invite; Eileen throws herself into cleaning in a bid to banish her insomnia.