Can Tina give up her baby?

As Tina watches over the baby, Tommy’s concerned about her growing attachment to the child. When a strained Gary then turns up, begging Tina to let him see his son, Tommy gently urges to Tina to take a step back. As Gary approaches the incubator he’s very much the doting dad, urging his son to stay strong. But Izzy is furious when she finds Gary at the baby’s bedside and the pair argue, while an exhausted Tina wonders whether she can really give up her baby.

As Tracy and Rob arrange a meeting with a buyer for the stolen silk, Carla gives her brother one last chance to come clean, asking if he has any contacts who could get hold of any silk – no questions asked. Rob continues to lie and Carla’s worst fears are confirmed as she sets a trap for him.

Sally gets a text from a man through the dating agency asking her to meet for a drink, but she begins to have second thoughts about the whole thing.

Also, a jealous Chesney refuses to babysit Joseph for Katy so she can go for a night out on the town with Ryan.