Can Toadie cope with his new job?

Toadie finds himself working weekends which impresses the boss, but he’s panicked when he’s given more work to do. Having been set the task of getting planning permission signed by the council, on a weekend, Toadie has to pull out all the stops to make it happen. With Callum feeling rejected by Sophie, he’s further upset when Toadie hasn’t got time for him either.

Toadie tracks down the contact from the council, and interrupting his anniversary lunch, asks him to sign the papers. When this proves difficult, Toadie resorts to ordering them a bottle of champagne as way of a bribe. Leaving him with the papers, Toadie is surprised when his boss tells him they’ve been faxed through, signed. Impressed, he asks Toadie to head up a big project, a new shopping precinct.

Karl’s not happy about Rhys crashing his golf game with Martin Chambers and Adrian Pearce and warns him not to talk shop during the game. Rhys can’t help but to network and does some serious sucking up. Karl warns him to back off but Rhys assures him he knows what he’s doing and he will get a place on the surgery program. When Rhys reminds Karl that he messed up those patient notes, Karl has little choice but to big Rhys up to Martin.