Determined to clear his name, Toadie takes a gamble and poses as Lewis’s court-appointed lawyer. As Toadie hoped, Lewis fails to recognise him as the man he claimed to have hired him, clearing Toadie’s name. However, the celebrations are short-lived when Toadie returns to work, and discovers that his job is still in doubt.

Tired of the firm treating Toadie poorly, Sonya encourages him to think of what would make him happy. Initially, he considers setting up his own firm, but having worked for such a powerful company, Toadie knows that’s where he truly belongs. However, it seems, following all the recent trouble, he is no longer needed by Simmons and Colbert.

Chris is terrified of going back to the garage; the scene of his assault. However, he decides to face his fears straight away, but once there, he’s frozen with fear. Surprisingly, it’s Chris’s dad who helps him overcome this problem

Tash is wrestling with the decision of what course to do after finishing school. Totally confused, she decides upon Contemporary Arts, but hides her indecision by pretending it’s the social aspects of the course that she’s interested in, driving serious Summer crazy. It takes a few friendly words from an unexpected source – Aidan – to convince Tash that it’s OK to be undecided.