Summer is concerned when Andrew invites Chris to party with the Uni girls. She is certain that Andrew is a bad influence on him. And so begins a battle of wills as Summer and Andrew both attempt to influence Chris. Being a Robinson, Andrew wins hands down, and as the afternoon becomes increasingly rowdy, Chris looks more and more to Andrew for direction. But when Chris gets involved in a fight with Kyle, Andrew and Michael try to break them up. When Michael asks Chris what that was all about, and tells him he thought he was better than that, Chris breaks down and runs out. Appalled by Callum’s recent behaviour and concerned about Toadie’s struggle to discipline him, Lou steps in to deliver some tough love. Firm but fair, Lou bargains Callum into apologising to the neighbours he has hurt – Michael, Natasha, Kate and Sophie. All appears to be going well until Callum springs Lou using his con man skills to talk down the price of the car yard. Seeing this as proof that all adults are hypocrites, Callum storms off. However, Toadie catches up with Callum and explains that sometimes adults stuff up and Lou reminds Callum that when he first arrived he also did his fair share of naughty things. Will Callum be talked round?