Cindy is being forced to kidnap who she thinks is baby Katy from Tony’s flat, while Tony and Sinead are inside absorbed in a moment of passion. However, Diane and Finn have just returned to the village. Tony realises the twins’ buggy is missing and sees Cindy rushing through the village with it. He shouts after her as a bus drives in her direction.

Tony pushes Cindy out of the way, but Cindy is devastated when she thinks the bus has hit imaginary Rhys. Holly and Dirk find her among the chaos and try to make her realise that she’s unwell. Diane is relieved when Sinead walks through the village with the twins, who were in their cot the whole time. Panic descends again when Cindy gets in the bus and drives away. Can Tony save Cindy and the twins?

Elsewhere, Finn and Ste share a few bottles of wine in The Hutch kitchen. John Paul is mortified when he overhears Ste telling Finn about their relationship. Ste chases John Paul back to the McQueens’ and is shocked by his outburst, not realising that Finn is John Paul’s rapist. Ste and John Paul make up.