*Hour-long episode*

Jason’s out for revenge and lets himself into Callum’s empty flat, but he’s disturbed by the sound of approaching voices and hides in Max’s bedroom. He listens as two thugs threaten Callum, but his ringing mobile gives him away. Suddenly, Tony bursts in as Jason throws a punch at Callum. With the threats from Denton ringing in his ears, Callum calls at No 8, warning Kylie and David that until they cough up his money, nobody in their family is safe.

Charmed by Cathy’s nephew Alex, Roy invites him to stay the night on his sofa. But Roy and Cathy are embarrassed when Alex assumes they are an item.

Steve’s gobsmacked when he overhears Andrea discussing her pregnancy with Michael in the cab office. Later, Michelle orders him to cheer up during dinner with Liz and Lloyd, but she’s stunned when he tells her Andrea’s pregnant.

Maria and Steph let themselves into the garage, intending to damage Luke’s stock car so he can’t race. Michael reluctantly celebrates his 60th birthday with the Grimshaws.