Tori reassures Ash that she will do her best by Luc in surgery. As Luc is being operated on, Leah desperately tries to get in touch with VJ to tell him what’s going on with Luc’s health. Alf decides to head off and find VJ. Later, VJ turns up at the hospital and accuses Ash and Kat of neglecting Luc. However, things cool down when Mason enters the room starting his shift. Everyone is worried for Luc and Mason says he will find out how she’s doing.

Meanwhile, Tori is doing her best in surgery and is relieved when a specialist surgeon turns up to finish off Luc’s operation. She’s clearly emotional from operating on Luc, so Mason breaks the news that the next 48 hours are critical. Later, Kat confides in Tori that she doesn’t feel that maternal instinct for Luc, so what does that mean for her and Ash?

Elsewhere, Justin’s desperate to find Brody and bring him home. He bumps into Lena and asks her questions about Brody’s whereabouts, but she tells him to back off or she’ll call the police. Justin returns home defeated. He confides in Raffy, who offers to talk to Lena, but Justin doesn’t want her anywhere near a drug dealer. Raffy’s desperate to track down her brother, so she steals Justin’s phone and calls Lena. Will Lena help Raffy find Brody?