Madi and Trudi go head to head this week as they both decide to run for the position of Head Girl. Jez is supportive of his daughter, and tells her that he thinks she has a great chance. When Sian also tries to give Madi her support, Madi completely ignores her. Sian’s disappointed that relations between the two of them are still difficult.

Meanwhile, Michael has decided to return to school. He has a meeting with all of the staff, and explains how he thinks they can put an end to the gang culture. Inspired, Chalky puts himself forward as the school’s liaison officer, as he thinks that this will also help to stamp out Waterloo Road’s new problem.

His first idea is to get Tariq to run for Head Boy, and show how much he has changed. However, as soon as Finn hears about what’s going on, he’s angered by the fact that he thinks Tariq is pretending to turn over a new leaf. So, Finn then decides to run for Head Boy too. So Madi, Trudi, Tariq and Finn are all vying for just two positions, but it’s Trudi and Finn who win at the end of the day.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Tariq get together and Tariq explains that his new good image is just for show, and that he is still very much part of the DSC.