Johnny is disappointed that Sharon has fired him for letting the teens have a party in the bar. Begging Sharon for a second chance, Johnny is relieved when she agrees to take him back on. Realising he needs to sort things out with Whitney after her ill-advised kiss, Johnny meets her for a frank chat. Fearing that she’s falling for Johnny, Whitney tells Johnny they can’t be friends.

Linda feels threatened by the opening night of Sharon’s bar, taking her frustration out on Johnny. Fed up with Linda’s attitude, Johnny tells Linda not to bother turning up to the opening night. Linda decides to join the rest of the family after all, after some stirring from Stan. It’s not long, however, before the Carters have to rush back to the Vic as Stan has caused a fire – and was rescued by Lee…

Lauren worries about Max’s strange mood and is shocked to learn from Carol that he’s going for his gene test today. Confronting her dad, Lauren and Max have a big talk, ending with Lauren insisting on accompanying Max so he doesn’t have to face the test alone. After the hospital visit, Lucy pops round with news that she’s got her and Lauren a meeting about running a lettings campaign.