Leo fires Chloe on the spot for getting Xanthe drunk. Chloe is distraught after losing her job, and explains to Xanthe that she needed the job to prove to Mark that she has turned over a new leaf in her life. Feeling sorry for Chloe, Xanthe comes up with a plan to help Chloe win her job back. Will Xanthe’s plan work?

Meanwhile, Mishti is overjoyed to see Monique, her best friend, arrive on her doorsteop. Monique reveals that Leo called her and Mishti is elated. Mishti introduces Monique to Leo and Monique is keen to know all about Leo and what he does. Will Monique find anything?

Also, when Mark and Amy find out about the Face of Lassiters contest, they both privately think they have the perfect candidate. Mark convinces Aaron to enter the competition, while Amy sets off to convince David to enter. Will the Face of Lassiters competition bring David and Aaron back together?